Clementine’s Fabulous Roadshow
21st April 2017

Star of stage ,screen and TV, Clementine the Living Fashion Doll is excited to be bringing her new

production Clementine’s Fabulous Roadshow to Mirth Marvel and Maud.

Clementine is a dolly diva (Think the love child of Barbie and Pinocchio ) and style is very

important to her , so the ritzy, glitzy Art Deco wonderland of the Maud main stage is right up her


The show harks back to the good old 1970’s TV Variety Special.

Clementine is the glamorous hostess with the mostess who introduces some very special puppet

guest, live onto stage. Ricky Rooster the feathered love god busts some sexy moves, Hans

Knees and his lovely wife Bumpsadaisy a German magic act , wow with their astonishing

prestidigitation and there won’t be a dry eye in the house once Betty Barfly finishes her act.

Of course Clementine sings some spectacular songs in her own uniquely glamorous way. We even

get to see some of the hijinks which are going on backstage.

Clementine’s Fabulous Roadshow is brought to life by four of the best professional puppeteers

working in the UK and is based on the production Clementine’s Seasonal Spectacular which had

14 Four and Five star reviews and was awarded ‘Best Light Entertainment Show 2015’.

It is supported by the Arts Council England and the Tunbridge Wells Puppet Festival