Come and experience our cocktail booth, situated in the main foyer of this old grand cinema. Order your cocktails from the old ticket booth from one of our mixologists and bathe in pure 1930’s decadence.

Cocktail Ticket Booth @the Mirth

At this bar you’ll find, cocktails, gin, wine and hot drinks. For other beverages head on down to our main bar, or alternatively head up to the restaurant where you can eat, drink and be merry!


Shaken fast and served straight up, this classic daiquiri includes white rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit juice, lime and sugar.


A large measure of gin combined with raspberries, lemon, sugar, Peychaud’s bitters and whites to create this subtle classic 


A classic for celebrations, dry sparkling prosecco combined with a choice of mango, mixed berry or white peach puree.


Arguably Italy’s favourite aperitif, Aperol, combined with prosecco and topped up with soda water.


Gin, lemon and sugar are shaken together then topped off with bubbly prosecco.


A large measure of vodka shaken up with lemon and sugar. served short over the rocks.


The coffee cult classic, Perky Blenders espresso shaken with vodka, Kahlua and sugar.


Bulleit bourbon whiskey, stirred long and patiently with original and orange angostura bitters and brown sugar.


Vanilla Vodka shaken vigorously with Chambord, passionfruit and sugar syrup, served with a side shot of prosecco.

MOJITO £7              HIGHBALL

Fresh lime muddled together with sugar & mint , lengthened with a mammoth measure of white rum & topped with soda water


Classic combination of zesty lime, white tequila and Cointreau.


Gin, Campari, Pamplemousse Liquor and sweet vermouth are infused together in house, then gently stirred to serve.


A New Orleans staple, Rye whiskey combined with cognac, absinthe, brown sugar and peychaud bitters, served neat with a lemon twist.


The late and great Dick Bransell’s zingy creation constituting of zesty lemon, sugar and a large length of gin, topped with a crème de mure float.

VIBRATIONS CAVA £4.70  bottle £21.6

Gently rounded bubbles with hints of apple and lime with a clean light finish.

PROSECCO DOC £5.70  bottle £25.6

Intense nose with good floral aromas, more fruity on the palette, easy drinking and fresh.

VEUVE  bottle £65

Fresh bread dough, vanilla and apple on the nose, with a touch of peach. Citrus flavours develop, without losing the bready flavours.

CHERRY DROP  Pineapple, Cranberry, Lemon & Orgeat

GINGER NO-JITO Lime juice, Sugar, Mint & Ginger beer 

POMPELMO Grapefruit juice, Lime, Sugar & Soda.


GRAN MEGAILLO BLANCO 5.1 /  6.6  bottle 17.2

Light, dry, crisp and clean, the 100% Airen Gran Megaillo is just what you want from the house white.

LA BASTILLE COLOMBARD 5.2 /  6.8  bottle 18.7

A superb value crisp and refreshing wine with hints of green and citrus fruits and sensitive white fruit.

SAUVIGNON GRIS 6.1 /  7.9  bottle 23.2

This wine has all the wonderful tropical notes you expect from a South of France Sauvignon. Crisp, dry and refreshing make it a great easy drinking wine for all occasions.

GRUNER VELTLINER 6.5 /  8.4  bottle 25.2

A soft medium bodied dry white from Austria with ripe apple flavours and a hint of grassiness and white pepper on the finish.

OPHALIM ALBARINO 7 /  9.4  bottle 28.4

An exquisite Albarino from Galicia, Spain, rich, deep and complex with beautiful peach and stone fruit characters and a long lingering finish.


ABILIUS ROSE 5 /  6.7  bottle 19.6

Light fruits come through in this fresh and juicy Rose from Spain. It leaves a slightly sweet finish with hints of strawberries. 

OLIVADES ROSE 5.2 /  6.8  bottle 20.2

A light and delicate classic Provencal rose. Hints of strawberries which make this wine delightful on its own or summer salads.


GRAN MEGAILLO TINTO 5.1 /  6.6  bottle 17.2

A blend of Garnacha, Tempranillo and Cabernet, this juicy red is full of cherry and blackcurrant, with good structure and fresh acidity.

LA BASTILLE CARIGNAN 5.5 /  6.8  bottle 18.7

A beautifully soft but dry, easy drinking Languedoc red with mouthfuls of juicy black fruits and a nice earthy savoury finish.

SAN LEO MONTEPULCIANO 6.2 /  7.8  bottle 22

A warm ruby red with a solid core of ripe berry fruit and velvety taste

PAPARUDA PINOT NOIR 6.5 /  8.6  bottle 24.6

Fragrant and fruity Pinot with plenty of ripe red fruits, strawberries and raspberries. Aromas of violets, cherries and light tobacco.

PACO GARCIA RIOJA 6.7 /  9  bottle 27.2

Classic Rioja from a brilliant modern winery oozing red berry fruits with added complexity and structure from spending 6 months in oak.