John Robertson’s THE DARK ROOM
10th January 2019

You awake to find yourself in a Dark Room! You, the audience must choose an option. Will you: A) Find the Light Switch? B) Cry for Help? C) Go North?

Come and play the world’s first live-action text-based adventure game! It’s a choose-your-own-adventure! So choose it!

The Dark Room blurs the lines between comedy and game show and the audience play as contestants. The rules are simple:

1 – Options appear on the screen.

2 – Audience calls out the option they want.

3 – You’re either right, or dead.

4 – In the end, everybody plays!

Originally an interactive YouTube game, the Dark Room soon went viral and attracted more than 4 million views. Comedian John Robertson then transformed the game into a live show, and so far, has enjoyed sell out shows at Insomnia Gaming Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, EB Games Expo and MCM Comic Con. In September 2018, the Dark Room was turned into an ACTUAL video game, topping the Steam charts in the first few days of release.

‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ – The Guardian

‘One of the funniest sights around, don’t miss it’ – Daily Telegraph

««««« ‘You have to see the Dark Room as least once in your life’ – The Sun

««««« ‘You must see this show’ – British Comedy Guide

«««« ‘Great fun, nostalgic, but also a fresh angle for comedy’ – Den of Geek