Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue
24th April 2019

Number 3 in our 60th Anniversary Jazz Project series sees the ultimate classic, Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue.

The 60th Anniversary Jazz Project will see some of the finest performers from not just the UK, but also very much locally based and driven here in Walthamstow as it is brought to you by E17 Jazz in collaboration with Mirth, Marvel & Maud for the London Borough of Culture – Waltham Forest 2019.

Looking back to 1959, this year its 60th Anniversary, artists including Josh Kemp, Dave Mannington and Nick Tomlin will reproduce some of the classic Jazz albums in full.

27th February: John Coltrane’s Giant Step – performed by Josh Kemp Band

27th March: Charles Mingus’s Ah Um – performed by Dave Mannington Band

24th April: Miles Davis’s A Kind of Blue performed by Nick Tomlin Band.

*There are differing opinions whether this was released in 59 or 60. But most sure it was at least recorded in 1959 – and that, is good enough for us to be able to include this classic.*