HighTide Festival READING : The Goblin Glare
21st September 2018

First Commissions Readings

HighTide’s First Commissions scheme is for talented new writers who have never been commissioned to write a full-length stage play. We work with the writers to develop an idea from conception to full production. We are proud to present work-in-progress readings of the plays on our 2017/18 First Commissions programme.

The Goblin Glare by Tim Foley

Stevie’s mother has always been difficult. But now she’s obsessed with street-lamps and there’s a goblin living at the bottom of her garden. Stevie will have to face Stockton Borough Council and descend into an underground kingdom as a daughter’s love is put to the test. A new fantastical drama.

Directed by Ng Choon Ping

Running time: 1 h 30m

Recommended age: 12+