Keb Darge + Jack Rabbit Slim – live

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Keb Darge is a leading man, when it comes to discovering music and bringing it to the people. The creator of the term “Deep Funk” (when Snowboy and him started their funknight in London which eventually turned into Legendary Deep Funk at Madame Jo Jo’s), a massive inspiration to famous people like DJ Shadow and a lot of your favourite HipHop-producers as well as not so famous people who are intrigued by the music he discovers, a wild dancer, a skillful martial artist, and a good friend!
Nowadays he is following his passion for 50s Rockabilly and Surf tracks.
There is a new compilation just on the way….WITH CUT CHEMIST!!!!

Here he brings pone of his fave acts, Jack Rabbit Slim.  4 Greasy cats playin from the loins since 2004 -Graced the stage at many a top festival including 2 stints at The IOW FESTIVAL & GLASTONBURY in 2011 ! Created earthquakes all across the UK , France , Germany , Holland , Belgium , Switzerland , Spain , Italy , CZ , Finland & The USA ! Regular Radio 2 airplay from Bob Harris .

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